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CRIMLAW Criminal Defence
Lawyers Pty Ltd

ABN 71 162 812 946

1300 777 LAW (1300 777 529)

1300 CRM FAX (1300 276 329)

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Can you defend your Criminal Charge or have your Sentence reduced?
Can you save your Drivers Licence or get it back sooner?

So Milton, suffering from numerous ailments, asks his doctor for a referral to a top Macquarie Street Specialist. After a lengthy consultation and numerous treatments he receives the specialist bill. The conversation is overheard thus:

Milton: “oh my Doc that’s a lot of clams. Can’t you reduce your bill at all, my wife’s not working at the moment and money’s a bit tight”.

Doctor: “Well Milton we did agree on my cost before I started treating you and you knew I wasn’t cheap. You are happy with the results”

Milton: “Yeah yeah sure Doc, but its just that my twins have a school excursion, my mother-in-law is coming to town and my Holden needs new tyres”

Doctor: “Well Milton that’s all fine and good but you did know I was expensive when you asked for the referral to see me. Why did you choose to come to me?:

Milton: “Because Doc – when it comes to my health MONEY IS NO OBJECT”

Also food for thought when choosing a criminal lawyer… 

If your liberty, your licence, your future are important to you its worth finding the right specialist for your problem. Its CRIMLAW’s knowledge, experience and passion that make us your preferred Specialists to get you the result you need. Also a sense of humour doesn’t hurt  😉


Call Crimlaw at 1300 777 529 now so they can start helping you too.

CRIMLAW...because We get you Off! TM 

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    CRIMLAW Criminal Defence Lawyers

    PH: 1300 777 529

    ABN: 71 162 812 946

    Level 5, Suite 469
    311-315 Castlereagh Street
    Sydney, NSW, 2000

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